Gantt charts for airlines


AirGantt application screenshot

AirGantt is a Gantt chart utility specifically designed to visualize airline schedules entirely online and for use with any desktop or mobile device or browser. It is a library which can be easily integrated into your existing software.

Its features meet the requirements of today's airline's Operations Control, Crew Control, Hub Control, and Maintenance Planning & Control. Additionally, you can use it anywhere where you need to share an airline schedule online.



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AirGantt makes use of the latest HTML5 technology. Using hardware-accelerated Canvas graphics, made interactive with Javascript, we can ensure portability to all modern browsers and mobile devices. AirGantt works with the mouse and keyboard as well as with standard touchscreen gestures.

This utility is served from your web server. No software needs to be installed on your users' end devices. This means that any updates become available immediately to all end users. You can also easily make the software offline: If the user is temporarily disconnected from the internet, the application can still work (updates to the schedule may not be available during that time).

AirGantt is a standalone utility that can be easily integrated into your airline's software environment. All it takes is a few lines of Javascript and your product is now AirGantt-enabled.

AirGantt application screenshot